Rough Collies & Shelties



 Newtownards Ch Show 27/02/11.

Ben 2nd Champ Dog.

Lara 2nd Puppy Bitch.

Combine Canine Int Show 23/04/11.

BEN gained his 8th Green Star and the Int award the C.A.C.I.B.

LARA 1st puppy bitch and graded Very Promising.

Woody 3rd Open Dog.

Ellie 3rd Junior Bitch.

South Tipp Ch Show 30/04/11.

Lara 1st Puppy Bitch & Res Green Star.

Woody 4th Open Dog (graded Excellent)

Ellie 2nd Junior Bitch.

Fermoy Int Show 1/05/11.

Ben  1st Ch Dog & Res C.A.C.I.B.

Lara 2nd Junior Bitch.

Woody 2nd Open Dog

Ellie 2nd Junior Bitch

Hibenian Ch Show 21/05/11.

Lara 1st puppy bitch & Res Green Star

Ellie 2nd Junior Bitch

Woody 3rd Open Dog

Belgian Shepard Group 1 & Group 2 Ch Show 28/05/11.

Lara 3rd puppy Bitch

Ellie 2nd Junior Bitch

Woody 4th Open dog

Ladies Kennel Assosiation 09/07/11.

Ellie 2nd Junior Bitch

Woody 2nd Open Dog

Irish Kennel Club Int Show 27/08/11.

Ben 1st Champion Dog and the dog  C.A.C.I.B ( Int Award )

Bull Breeds Ch Show 31/10/11.

Lara 1st Intermediate Bitch

Ellie 1st Intermediate Bitch

Cloughran Ch Show 12/11/11.

Lara 1st Int Bitch

Ellie 1st Int Bitch & Res Green Star

Dublin Dog Show Society Ch Show 27/12/11

Lara 1st Int Bitch

Rosie 2nd Puppy Bitch

Ellie 2nd Int Bitch

Irish Kennel Club St Patricks Day Champ Show 17/03/12

Lara 2nd Int Bitch

Rosie 1st Puppy Bitch, GREEN STAR, Best pup & Res Best of Breed.

Combine Canine Int Show 07/04/12

Ben 1st Ch Dog, Green Star Dog & C.A.C.I.B ( Int award)

Rosie 3rd Junior Bitch

Fermoy Int Ch Show 05/05/12.

Rosie 1st Junior Bitch

Lara 2nd Int Bitch

Hibernian Ch Show 19/05/12.

Rosie 1st Junior Bitch

Lara 3rd Int Bitch

Swords Ch Show 16/06/12.

Rosie 1st junior Bitch.

Belgian Shepard G1 & G2 Ch Show17/06/12.

Rosie 1st Junior Bitch & Res Green Star ( also qualified for Crufts )

Rough Collie Club Ch Show 17/06/12.

Rosie 4th Junior Bitch

Bray Ch Show 7/07/12.

Rosie 3rd Junior bitch

L.K.A Ch Show 14/07/12.

Rosie 2nd Junior bitch

Sligo Ch Show 21/07/12

Rosie 1st Junior bitch also gained her title of Junior Champion.

Dundalk Ch Show 28/07/12

Rosie 1st Junior Bitch 

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